X – Crosswise wire tying system


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To hold the baled material together in uniform bales and obtain the best possible bale weight for expanding materials (in the case of PET, HDPE, foams or foil baling) the cross-tying system baler is recommended.

This means that in addition to the standard five vertical wires, bales can also be knotted/tied with four horizontal wires. As a result, a minimum amount of material drops out of the bale during handling.

Even difficult material qualities are tightly tied by means of cross binding. This ensures optimal stackability with maximum storage capacity.

Most suitable for balers with:

  • 90 to 200 ton pressing force
  • Bale sizes 1.100 x 750 mm (max 8 – fold X tying) and 1.100 x 1.100 mm (max 9 – fold X tying)

Application tips:

 Customers often use automatic X- crosswise tying system, for example, by having into horizontal tying unit permanently integrated steel wire vertical auto-tier with special twister hooks for plastic wire while having a plastic wire built into the vertical tying unit horizontal auto-tier with hooks for steel wire and using it only when absolutely necessary.

Crosswise wire tying system

A: Vertical auto-tier with special twister hooks for plastic wire
B: Horizontal auto-tier with hooks for steel wire