Trapped Key Interlocking (Machinery Safety System)


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The key-lock security system is designed to provide greater safety of employees during operation compared to the basic standards required by the applicable safety regulations. Only when all keys are locked in the terminal, can the baling press run.

The key-operated inspection door safety lock system (castle-lock) allows safe machine maintenance and cleaning. The safety keys are released only when the electrical control panel is switched off.

Interlocks may take the form of electric switching and/or a mechanical ‘trapped key’ system fit both types where appropriate.

The feed hopper or press chamber door is equipped with a double safety feature: this door is locked with a second key which must be taken by the employee when entering the feed chute. Only when the employee has left the feed chute and installed the second key, can the door be closed again. Naturally, the baler is equipped with several emergency stop switches and moving parts are protected by covers.