Thermal management of Electrical Cabinet


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Thermal management devices are used to maintain optimum temperature conditions inside an electrical cabinet to prevent component failure due to overheating and/or condensation. This selection of air conditioners, heaters, venting fans and control units provide efficient and cost-effective climate control to protect investment in a baler and infeed conveyor.


C.8.1. Enclosure Fan Heater

In a cold environment (i.e. Scandinavia) we advise the use of a Enclosure Fan Heater. The electric/electronic components or PLC will work at temperatures of 0° and higher. At lower temperatures, condensation can lead to corroded switches. This fan forced enclosure heater reduces the risk of corrosion and provides an evenly distributed interior air temperature in enclosure. The fan heater can be turned on and off by way of a thermostat inside the electrical cabinet.

Enclosure Fan Heater output power is usually:

  • 400 W which controls balers and infeed conveyors especially with inverter drives.
  • 250 W which controls balers with less electro motor power

Enclosure Fan Heater


C.8.2. Filter Fan for Electrical Cabinet

Filter fans are often the simplest and most cost-effective way to remove heat from an electrical cabinet. If the surrounding air is cooler than the temperature that must be maintained inside the enclosure, a filter fan can be an excellent option. Filter fans provide clean cooling air and help prevent intrusions of dirt and other contaminants that could damage sensitive electronics, while pulling cooler air into the enclosure and removing hotter air.

Filter fans are suitable for electrical cabinets located in areas with temperate climate (i.e. Central Europe).

Filter Fan for Electrical Cabinet

C.8.3. Air-conditioned Electrical Cabinet

Enclosure air conditioners are designed to maintain a set temperature inside the electrical cabinet, ensuring a contaminant-free environment and protecting electrical/electronic components from overheating in harsh environment. Air conditioners are suitable for electrical cabinets located in areas with hot climate (i.e. Middle East) especially when equipped with inverter drives and soft start units with high operating voltages and cooling capacities.

Air-conditioned Electrical Cabinet