The fall protection system


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The system prevents falls when working in hazardous areas, but it is also responsible for stopping the machine’s operation after a worker has fallen, to avoid even greater risks.

This is a retractable safety device which is anchored to a fixed element and connected to the worker with a safety harness.

When a fall occurs, the harness becomes taut and the Fall Protection Device detects this tension.

This device is also responsible for sending the stop signal to the plant machinery, causing a quick halt in the functioning of the machine.

The device must be connected to the fixed mooring point by means of the bearing swivel and the connector. Naturally, the fixed clamping point must be located above the user so that the force of gravity of the fall itself causes the desired effect of generating the sudden tension in the harness. In addition, the connection must have a minimum static resistance of 12 kN.

The shape and structure of the fixed clamping point should be enough to prevent the device’s automatic disconnection and slippage. The use of marked and certified fixed mooring points is recommended, according to the European standard EN795.