Stamper (Material Blockages remover)


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An unjamming device called a “Stamper” is designed to automatically clear jammed material from in front of the cutting edge, when processing heavy grade material. It is positioned directly above the shear blades for maximum effectiveness and easy maintenance.

  • The end positions are scanned via inductive sensors.
  • The Stamper with up to 35-tonne pressing force and heavy-duty frame covers the whole ram width and is sufficient for even larger accumulations of material.
  • Particularly designed to overcome uneven load during the stroke, which means a high level of strength even in heavy grade materials processing.
  • New valve technology for quick response time and speed of operation, allowing short cycle times.
  • Cutting-edge stamper innovation includes the appropriate program recipe; the stamper also has a pre-press function

Stamper - Material Blockages remover