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For Multi-purpose use

The pre-press baler line contains all the developments from ANIS »PREMIUM line« shear baler with the addition of pre-compression flaps and provides extremely heavy, homogenous and compact bales. It is equipped with the shear blades and pre-pressing with two options: Single Prepress Flap – at the rear of the feeding opening, or Double lateral Prepress Flaps – on the both sides of the feeding opening.


  • The material is fed into the press-box via a pre-press system to ensure optimal filling.
  • eliminate the need to cut excess material with the knives, which reduces component wear as well as the risk of shutdowns.
  • saves on spare parts and optimize bale density with significantly lower power consumption and safer and more efficient system operation.
  • The material density in the compression chamber is increased by 30%
  • No need to worry about the position and sharpness of the shear blades. Namely, a worn or improperly positioned shear blades would not cut off the material as it should, which is necessary especially for baling the plastic film.
  • Provides lower power consumption than shear balers.
  • Lower costs and easy maintenance

With the ANIS control system, the operator only needs to select the type of material grade to be processed. Once selected, the system decides whether the pre-compression flaps are required, resulting in the material being processed in the most efficient and practical way.

Working principle:

The single vertical pre-press flap in the feed opening closes before the ram finishes the press cycle. Because of this, optimal weight-homogenous, well-shaped and stackable bales are produced without the need for cutting. The single big flap absorbs the vertically occurring forces well. As a result, difficult-to-press materials can be processed as well.

Double Action (Preflap & Shear) Technology

Baler series with Single pre-press Flap is available with hopper sizes, feed openings and power units tailored to suit the application in hand.

  • Press ram on big wheel and HARDOX® wear plates linings
  • Pressing force: 60-142 Tonnes
  • Bale size: 1.100 x 750mm, and 1.100 x 1.100 mm
  • Power units: 45kW, 55kW or 2x30kW, 75kW, 2 x 55kW
  • Feed opening length: 1.600mm
  • Pre-compression flap force: with peaks of 60 tons

Most suitable for:

  • For multi-purpose use that can process all types of large volume materials (large cardboard boxes), without any problems.
  • To increase the infeed density when processing low-density materials such as plastics
  • Even when processing bulky high-density material (RDF, paper) the pre-press flaps are used to push the material below the level of the blade making processing easier.
  • makes it possible to bale material without pre-using a shredder (e.g. large cardboard boxes)

Highlights of Single Pre-press Flap Baler series – at the rear of the filing opening:

  • Single flap closes the pressing chamber before the main ram completes the compression cycle.
  • Single flap also absorbs vertical forces, which means that more complex materials can be proccessed.
  • Extremely high capacity regardless of input material per cycle
  • No need for cover slots on the press plate
  • High rotation flap construction, significantly more pressing force
  • Lower maintenance costs

Main Features:


Single ram baler main features


  • The compact fan-cooled power pack is fully integrated into the baler frame with energy efficient and silent main drive depending on demand.
  • Oversized hydraulic block is directly attached to the rear of the main cylinder for minimum flow losses due to reduced piping
  • Integration of all auxiliary functions with the main hydraulic block for avoiding the leakage risk
  • ANIS balers are powered by one, two or three premium efficiency motors for extra energy savings
  • At the heart of the system ANIS utilises multistage pumps, high volume vane pumps and variable displacement high-pressure pumps
  • Equipped with safety features for operation (detection of oil level, temperature, …) and personnel safety (shock-proof, rigid piping where possible,…).


  • Track measuring in the real time ensuring perfect ram positioning and setting thus improving the balance between bale density and energy consumption.

Channel baler hydraulic power pack with fast moving cylinder


  • With lateral secured plexiglass door. Optionally, they are doubly secured by a double contact and a trapped key interlocking safety system for optimal security.
  • Tailor-made baler hopper for automatic or manual feeding

baler feeding hopper with automatic or manual feeding


  • Robust, simple and reliable fully automatic tying system with needles and integrated wire cutter
  • Easy replacement of wear plates and twisting hooks as a single spare part within the shortest terms, without requiring any special tools, for a very long service life
  • Reliable hot-dip galvanized device for automatic tying of bales, reinforced mounted cutters, which results in a substantially improved cycle time
  • Smart needle head design: Bolted needle head pulls wires tight to enhance the durability and performance of the needle assembly
  • Is designed for tying both plastic or steel wire (applies to horizontal or vertical tying)



  • horizontal tying simplifies the cleaning process for the tying device,
  • Horizontal tying enables less pollution by small waste into needle slots than vertical tying system
  • It also has the big advantage of being at ground operator level. The operator’s maintenance and cleaning is thus made easier with greater safety because he is always at man’s height. In contrast, the vertical tying requires the operator to climb on the press channel to change a first set of wires, then need to change the second set of wires beneath the baler.
  • Horizontally tied bales are easier to manipulate by the fork-lift operators.
  • Tying mechanisms which disengage the twisters from the needles path allows material caught during the needle travels to drop away from the twister resulting in lower wear and greater tying success.

Horizontal auto tying device


  • The vertical tie has a reduced footprint than a horizontal tie
  • For production of bale size 110 x 75 cm the vertical tie enables tying with 5 wires instead of 4 (at the same feed opening size)

Vertical auto tying device


  • All areas subjected to heavy wear are protected by easily exchangeable bolted HARDOX® wear plates, thus extending the life of the wear parts and reducing operating costs

Baler pressing chamber bolted with Hardox wear plates

Principle of ANIS balers

The advantage of ANIS balers are in the extended compression chamber and a main press ram that allow the separation of cutting and pressing operations.

The pressing force of the main ram can be used at full power for cutting and then for pressing the bale. The resulting bale is denser and energy consumption is reduced.

With the last stroke before tying the main ram pushes the material deep through the tying site, which is ideal for compressing materials with memory, such as plastic (PET, foil) and high-density materials.


Cutting and pressing operations in the baler compression chamber


The control cabinet is fixed to the floor near to the press and connected by our teams. It contains all the elements necessary for the piloting and management of the installation.

The control buttons and the display screen are positioned on the front panel of the cabinet and indicate the status of the press or any defects or problems.


  • The very clear, comprehensive Siemens touch-panel with embedded recipe management with extensive function and data display leads to simpler and safer operation of the baler
  • Operators only need to select the material grade to be processed. The embedded recipe system chooses the correct machine parameters to produce the best bale possible
  • All alarm functions are date and time-stamped and logged

Siemens stored programme control


  • Convenient exchangeable knives with optimal cutting angles guarantee trouble-free cutting of the overlaying material
  • ANIS uses reversible shear blades, which provide a quick and easy replacement, and 2 times the doubles the lifetimes of the cutting edge


Using our prepress system, your baler will no longer cut off excess material which means that makes knives on the main press unnecessary. This gives low service- and maintenance costs and lower baler price.


  • Automatic pressure-controlled channel adjustment on three sides guarantees high bale weights even with different materials
  • Long channel for low friction material such as plastics helping to continuously maintain optimal density of the bales

Baler shear blades with press channel


  • Tension-free mounted press cylinder to reduce inclined positions which prevents uneven pressure on the frame and cylinder
  • Reduced wear on the pressing cylinder and press ram guides
  • Longer service life of hydraulic cylinder


  • Quick disconnection of press plate with spherical bearing cylinder rod connection.


  • Solid press carriage guidance with easy maintenance access
  • Optimal self-cleaning of the roller track
  • Individually arranged movable rail cleaners
  • The main ram is mounted on large high-dimensioned hardened steel roller bearings rolling on the floor made of bolted abrasion-resistant steel plates to reduce wear, replacement costs and intervention time
  • Direct lubrication
  • Press plate available with fully automatic slot covers

Roller track main press ram with gimballed press cylinder system



*Performance rates, bale weights and bale densities are subject to moisture content, material pre-bale densities, feed rates and other variables in baling. Technical and design modification reserved!

Channel baling press dimmensions