Rubber conveyor belt – Oil & grease resistant


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As a rule, oils and greases have a very destructive impact on rubber, however, materials that contain oil or grease are daily conveyed. When oil penetrates rubber it causes it to swell and distort. This results in serious tracking and steering problems as well as premature wear and, ultimately, total belt failure.

In order to protect rubber components in the conveyor belts from swelling, types of rubber that are resistant to oil and grease should be applied.

NBR is a commonly used oil-resistant rubber.

Oil and grease resistant conveyor belts are suitable for:

  • recycling and waste sorting plants
  • scrap recycling
  • sewage sludge conveying
  • paper industry

Image: Oil swells and distorts rubber belt.    Samples exposed to oil for 2 weeks.

Oil swells and distorts rubber belt

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