Rotary Shears – CR2A850


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Rotary shears and hammer mills represent the top of the line for scrap metal processing. Our systems produce an output material that is homogeneous and with a high specific weight, reducing transport costs and the risk of finding pollutants inside the processed material. Camec systems can process materials in pressed packs and loose material from waste collection.

The CR2A rotary shears are shredders designed specifically for the iron line, especially with severe conditions and heavy work cycles. The amply dimensioned structure resists bending-torsion stresses even on very tough materials. They are designed and built only with hydraulic motorization, which makes the machine highly performing with all types of materials, while maintaining a proportionately reduced energy consumption. The low revolutions of the blades allow to develop high torques of the grinding organs, such as to make them exclusive to the iron line.

Technical Characteristics of the Rotating Shears CR2A850

– Overall dimensions: 5840 x 1950 x 900 mm

– Cutting chamber: 1700 x 2500 mm

– Shaft center distance: 630

– Weight: 3300 kg

– Motor: 2 x 250 kW

– Blades: Integral or interchangeable sectors

– Blade thickness: 150 mm