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The RIBX container tipper is designed for all operations in which solid contents must be emptied from the container for subsequent processing. This machine is available in several versions. 500 to 2000 kg load capacity and 1000 to 5000 mm dump height.

It is equipped with an overload detection device and alerts the operator if the limit is exceeded.

The tipping process begins with the container being loaded onto the loading platform. Gate opening and closing is facilitated by a counterweight.

The control panel is positioned to allow the operator to oversee the entire operation. The container is locked to the lifting platform by pneumatic presses. After dumping, the platform descends and the container can be removed.

All our industrial tippers are equipped with limit switches and verified control logic to guarantee safe use.

Technical features of the industrial container tipper

– Front and side dumping for single container tippers

– Double and triple tippers available with front dumping

– Hopper discharge height: 1000 to 5000 mm

– Capacity: 500 to 2000 kg

– Closed cage iron pipe structure with mesh.

– Manual lifting entrance gate with counterweight.

– Optional automatic door

– Lifting trolley with clipping system with rear pneumatic piston

– Container blocking pneumatic valve with safety valve

– Self-braking motor

– Complete electric panel for machine operation and communication with other machines

– PLC control available on request

– Special configurations available on request

– Over 1000 machines installed to date – 2017