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A plastic wire tying unit equipped on ANIS balers has been designed especially for plants that produce RDF and SRF bales to be sent to cement factories or waste-to-energy plants. It has been designed for plants that must burn waste because the plastic wire, unlike the metal wire, burns and does not remain as a residue in the oven.

The advantage of the ANIS plastic wire tying system is that it allows tying using both plastic and steel wire, simply replacing the twister hooks and making the machine more flexible. If used at baling and than wraping bales assures a hermetic external covering as the performed fastening does not tear the covering film.


This is a product of high quality and reliability as it assures automatic fastening with a high resistance to traction. Considering the same section, plastic wire has a higher resistance to traction of almost 40% than steel wires.

This plastic wire has the following sizes:

  • Diameter 3.2 mm (for small-medium presses)
  • Diameter 4.3 mm (for medium-big presses)