Personnel detection system on the inclined conveyor


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Wireless proximity warnings to stop machinery

Recycling company personnel are exposed to the hazards and high risk of working with heavy machinery such as balers and conveyors.

By taking additional precautionary measures ANIS has provided a worker protection system for operating in the various hazardous areas found around the channel baling presses and the conveyors.

This system is designed to complement the safety measures already in place in all conveyor systems and additionally protects personnel against fatal accidents by automatically halting the conveyor belts.

The ANIS CONVEYOR wireless worker protection system is an electronic security system designed to halt a conveyor belt (connected to a security antenna) as soon as a person wearing the signal-emitting tag enters a hazardous area.


Channel baling presses are fed by huge conveyor belts. There is a risk that a person falls on it and gets drawn into the baling press. To avoid that, an antenna-module is installed over the conveyor belt, which supervises the whole width of the conveyor belt. The person carries a safety device, on either their arm or clothes. If the safety device gets into the magnet field, it is immediately detected, and the system stops automatically.




  • improves overall security and creates safer working practices for staff
  • offers personnel the greatest possible protection through the machine stop system, which will operate regardless of employee’s awareness
  • the system complies with international safety standards (EN 16252: 2013).
  • can be installed on new and existing devices
  • all settings can be adapted to specific customer situations and provide a tailor-made solution for protecting hazardous areas
  • simplifies your security system with a single system for conveyors, balers and shredders