Off line oil filtration


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The filter unit mounted on the baler‘s power pack unit continuously performs external filtration even when the baler is at stand by mode.

External filtration maintains the high quality of the oil in the hydraulic system: it takes care of the removal of particles, water absorption, absorption of oxidation and varnish from oil.

As a result, there are fewer unexpected breakdowns and production shutdowns, less machine maintenance and lower power consumption.

Line filters do not protect oil systems from dirt particles sufficiently!

Off line (external) oil filtration advantages:

Due to its ability to maintain high quality oil, it significantly reduces various types of wear of hydraulic components.

Abrasive wearFatigue wear
Abrasive wearFatigue wear


Varnish contaminationOil sediments
Varnish contaminationOil sediments
Varnish on a bearing (left). Stuck valve due to varnish (top). Varnished pencil filter (bottom).


  • Less maintenance:
    • less wear and extended component and oil life
    • longer time periods between service intervals
    • extended service life of in-line filter cartridges
  • Increased productivity:
    • fewer unexpected breakdowns and production shutdowns
    • increased operational accuracy
  • Lower energy consumption:
    • lubrication capabilities remain unchanged
    • friction is reduced
    • good efficiency is maintained
    • the viscosity index remains stable
    • pressure loss due to line filters is reduced (only when using external off-line filters)