MWS waste sorting system


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The urban and solid waste sorting and reduction plant is mainly composed of 5 machines/equipments. The waste is easily entered into the loading belt thanks to the starting line which is put under ground for 2 metres at floor level. The waste is then taken to the waste crusher which breaks the bags and makes their content fall on another belt. The urban solid waste shredder is equipped with a material level gauge which adjusts the loading belt speed. The material then passes on a ferrous metals separator which sorts the ferrous material from the other waste. The material is then taken to the selection platform where the operators will select the relevant material (paper, plastics, PET, wood, and so on). The selected material -together with the material left on the belt- will fall into the relevant containers which have been previously put into place under the platform. The processing capacity is mainly linked to the number of operators working on the platform. The shredder has a processing limit of about 10-15 ton/h.

Machines in the system:

– waste crushers LC

– bag openers AS