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D.6.1. Grouped nipples lubrication systems

Some components such as the bale press ram or tying unit can be equipped with a grouped nipples lubrication system for easy maintenance but it still uses manual lubrication performed by the operator.

Grouped nipples lubrication systems


D.6.2. Automatic lubrication systems

The automatic lubrication systems supply either grease or circulating oil to components requiring lubrication with the correct amount of greasing media.

There are many advantages in using automatic lubrication systems, including:

  • Improved machine reliability
  • Reduced machinery downtime for lubricant application
  • Improved overall lubrication of machinery
  • Reduced cost of lubricants due to efficient use
  • Reduced labour cost for lubricant application
  • More efficient use of lubricants
  • Reduced lubricant waste through controlled consumption
  • Potentially cleaner plant facilities and machinery due to reduced spills
  • Replaces manual supply and reduces service requirements
  • All important lubrication points are supplied continuously with lubricant and hence are less prone to wear
  • Long maintenance intervals

D.6.2.1. Automatic centralized oil lubrication system for feed conveyor

Chain and sprocket oiler at feed conveyor lubricates chains and sprockets to eliminate having to manually maintain equipment during critical working periods. Oil is pumped to the system’s brushes, which clean debris off equipment chains and disperse the oil to pin bushing joints. The oiler applies oil while the chain is warm and running, consistently oiling to minimize metal-to-metal contact and cool equipment parts.

Key features and benefits: increases chain life by 3 times; fully adjustable pump allows modification of dispensing rate and assures that all chains and sprockets are properly oiled regardless of climate or condition; eliminates chain stretch


Automatic centralized oil lubrication system for feed conveyor


D.6.2.2. Automatic centralized grease lubrication for complete system (baler & feed conveyor)

  • This system is designed to lubricate the complete baler and its feed conveyor
  • It is an effective way to increase machine availability while reducing reliance on scarce talent.
  • It provides the appropriate lubrication quantity at the correct intervals, minimizing friction and wear and optimizing bearing and machinery service life.

Automatic centralized grease lubrication system06


D.6.2.3. Automatic single point or multipoint lubricators

For consistent supply of lubricant (oil or grease) in the pre-adjusted amount the ANIS balers or conveyors can be equipped with Automatic single or multipoint point lubricators.

Automatic single point or multipoint lubricators
1 – Automatic single-point lubricator on conveyor system       2 –  Automatic multi-point lubricator