Industrial pneumatic lifter


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Industrial pneumatic lifter with 3 mm thick braced folded sheet metal structure, for safety and solidity. The platform is raised by a pneumatic cylinder with 50-mm bore and 20-mm rod diameter, with maximum excursion of 350 mm. Safety and stability are guaranteed at every platform height by stroke limiting holes that allow adjustment of the platform, which is supported by two ball bushings.

Technical features of the industrial pneumatic lifter

– Fixed support frame made of 3-mm thick metal sheet folded and braced to guarantee structural rigidity and the housing of the pneumatic cylinder

– Sliding upper frame equipped with side guards for total safety even at maximum elevation. It will also be equipped with threaded bushing for piston rod fastening and ribs to stiffen the structure.

– Two ball bushings using 30-mm diameter cemented pins support the upper platform and allow elevation by the pneumatic cylinder.

– Pneumatic lifting system.