Granulators – MG800


The MG-Line of Granulators are designed to process blown films, thermoformed, roto-moulded and injection moulded parts, extrusions, rubber products and more.

MG800 is a premium granulator suitable for heavy work cycles. The large structure withstands buckling stresses even on very hard materials. Primarily with electric motor, making it a high-performance machine for all types of materials, maintaining proportionally reduced energy consumption.

The MG800 Line of granulators are available in 4 different cutting chamber sizes.


MG800 Line of Granulators
Dimensions (mm)
(l x w)
800 x 1,0001,900 x 1,650 x 1,6002,100 x 2,050 x 1,6002,200 x 2,450 x 1,700
Cutting Chamber (mm) (l x w)800 x 1,000800 x 1,200800 x 1,600800 x 2,000
Rotor Diameter (mm)800800800800
Weight (kg)3,3003,9005,8008,900
Motor (kW)7590110160
Blade Thickness (mm)30304040

Applications include

  • Blown films
  • Thermoformed parts
  • Roto-moulded parts
  • Injection-moulded parts
  • Extrusions
  • Rubber