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The ANIS standard supervision system consists of a Siemens PLC programmable controller with a control panel. It is designed to operate and monitor the baling process and is equipped with a built-in diagnostic fault detection system for counting the number of bales and setting the machine parameters (such as pressure, bale length, temperature, number of bales and material selection) according to the material to be processed.

Operators only need to select the material grade to be processed. The embedded program recipe system chooses the correct machine parameters to produce the best bale possible.

All material alarms are also data- & time-stamped and logged.

C.1..1.  ANIS remote assistance can also be incorporated via Ethernet connection as an option:

  • For external communication and data transmission
  • As a training device
  • Enables long-term continuous baler operation and minimize maintenance costs
  • External baler process monitoring via the SCADA system
  • Remote troubleshooting and software updates by Siemens STEP 7 via internet modem

C.1.2. Special Program recipes

  • Special programming to reduce bale-length difference
  • Special programming for low-density materials
  • Special programming for high-density materials (paper)
  • Special programming for stamper detecting
  • Special programming for expandable materials
  • Special programming for maintenance