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Strong output for a wide range of applications

Due to their stable and heavy-duty design, chain belt conveyors are preferred in the recycling industry. The high stability coincides with a remarkable flexibility with subsequent expansion or conversion options according to the respective requirements.

Chain belt conveyors can be fitted with rubber. All chain belt conveyors have a heavy-duty welded modular frame construction, with high vertical side pieces, complete with high-quality bearings and gearboxes. All chain belt conveyors can be fitted with variable speed controls.

Main features:

  • Useful widths of 800 to 2.000 mm.
  • By default, with chain pitch 100 mm, for medium load 125 mm and for heavy duty load 200 mm.
  • Screwed-on wear rails on solid cross-beams.
  • Assembly even in difficult spatial conditions.
  • Height of side walls: 300-750 mm (horizontal part) and 300-1.250 mm (ascending part).

ANIS manufacture 3 series of chain belt conveyor belts:

LIGHT LOAD: with a chain pitch of 100mm for light load and 4kW motor power

MEDIUM LOAD: with a chain pitch of 125mm for light load and 4kW motor power

HEAVY DUTY LOAD:  with a chain pitch of 200 mm and 4 – 7,5 kW motor power for industrial waste, large quantities of waste paper and MSW

Main features:

Machine Frame

  • The conveyor frame consists of a heavy, solid steel structure. The vertically mounted side pieces avoid material jams and build-ups.
  • Additional guides below the conveyor belt absorb heavy loads or jolts (horizontal part).

Machine frame of Chain Belt Conveyors

Modular design:

  • The frame structure is designed as a modular construction, so that extensions can be realised in a quick and cost-efficient manner.
  • A lot of maintenance openings in the heavy, solid sheet steel edging design.

Modular design of Chain Belt Conveyors

Swan’s neck

The additional, conical upper side at the top end of the conveyor belt with a “swan’s neck” prevents material from falling over the sides during transfer to the press hopper.

The gradient is usually 30° with installation either in a recessed pit or above the floor and a conveyor outlet gradient of up to 15° (swan’s neck). Inclined conveyor belt is reinforced with height adjustable H-supports.

The bottom cord cover on the complete conveyor length is galvanized.

The quick and easy disassembly of the components allows access to the chains and cross-beams in all positions.

Swan's neck of Chain Belt Conveyors

Chain Guide

Large sprockets assure soft and uniform speed. The chain routers can be fitted with polyurethane linings (option). This significantly reduces the noise generated by the entry of the chain, even at high conveyor belt speeds.

Chain guides of Chain Belt Conveyors

Chain / Belt

  • The torsion-resistant belt support profiles accommodate the belt.
  • The material driver and C-crossbeams are galvanised. These ensure a long life even under difficult conditions. Optionally, the conveyor can be fitted with special oil- and grease-resistant rubber belt.

The chain bolts and rollers are made of hardened steel. Extremely stable link plates make it possible to operate with heavy loads.

Chain / Belt mounted on the conveyor

Lubrication system

To make possible environmentally friendly, cost-effective operation, the automatic drip lubrication system is fitted with an automatically controlled solenoid valve.

A standard drip oiler lubricates the chain with brushes mounted directly on the chains. Lubrication should only be carried out when the chain is moving.

Lubrication system of the chain belt conveyor

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Emergency stop devices

  • The chain conveyors are fitted with clearly visible control devices (emergency stop and other controls where appropriate) to perform all the necessary tasks for safe operation.
  • Start/Stop switches and a rope-pull emergency STOP switch on the rising conveyor stand.
  • An additional tripwire arranged like “goalposts” over the conveyor is fitted with suspended rope-pull emergency STOP cords positioned at regular intervals along the conveyor length.

Conveyor's emergency stop devices


Optionally, for personnel safety the conveyors are mounted with a safeguard of an automatic RFID personnel detection system in dangerous zone of the conveyor.

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Control system

  • Speed regulation  Variable Frequency Drive
  • Additional controls (near operator working areas)
  • Mobile controls (optional on request)
  • Special programming for baler-conveyor operation (feeding level control, high-low density materials, manual control, hopper jamming)

Operation panel with display for chain belt conveyor

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