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The perforator for PET plastic bottles punctures and extrudes the air from the bottles for high-density, heavier and the homogeneous bales which lowers transport costs and prevents tie wire cracking.  It is mounted as a section on the feed hopper and hydraulically moved to the side, if necessary.

  • Consists of two force-locked spiked rollers rotating in opposite directions with various speeds.
  • Most suitable for pre-conditioning of PET bottles and plastic containers before baling.
  • Applicable for all systems using an underframe and hopper with a conveyor belt; can also be retrofitted to existing systems.
  • 2 independent rotors with high resistance HARDOX EXTREME steel perforation tips
  • Anti-jamming system with shaft mounted on automatic retractable support
  • 2 motors of (optionally 2,2kW) or 5.5 kW (one on each shaft) for punching the capacity of 100 up to 200 m3/h
  • Revolutions: up to 65 rev/min
  • Mounted in the baler’s feeding chute or optionally as stand alone unit;

PET perforator mounted on channel baler


PET perforator specifications


Optionally the PET perforator can be manufactured with 4 shaft for extreme heavy duty conditions.

PET perforator cutting blades

PET perforator serves to empty, punctures and pre-compress full PET beverage bottles, beverage cartons, small plastic containers before baling.

Material for punctures and pre-compress with PET perforator