Bale exit guides


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Bale exit guides

The channel baling press can be fitted with additional modified bale exit devices such as ramps, tracks, rails and tables,  for the bales to be quickly removed and stored and ready for transportation.

  • Bale exit ramp

Bale exit ramp


  • Bale exit track

Bale exit tracks are commonly used to change the direction of bale flow due to various space constraints. In this way, we increase the automation of the process and improve efficiency.  The customized curved bale exit tracks allow the bales to leave building in a controlled manner.

Bale exit track

customized Bale exit track

  • Bale exit table (90°)

Bale exit table for rectangular (90°) bale shift

The bale exit is equipped with a steel guiding system, with a material thickness of 4 mm.
The partition heights on the bale guides are 300 mm (inside) and 800 mm (outside) respectively.
The bales are led to a bale exit of 90° by means of raised plate segments.
The construction that carries the bale guides is mounted on the floor by wedge bolts.

Bale exit table


  • Bale exit track with diverter flap (bypass gate)

Diverter flap on the exit track is commonly used to divert the bale flow when bale wrapper is on the maintenance or faulty to avoid production delay or when bales not need to be wrapped. ANIS can design and build diverter flap to suit customer needs.

Diverter flap cylinder can be driven from the baler hydraulics supply or manually.

Bale exit track with diverter flap, bypass gate