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The Model 3090XP  comes equipped with the same features found on the popular model 3590. With a large 30 inch x 36 inch throat opening the 3090 will easily process whole trees up to 24 inches in diameter. This unit will make land clearing simple and quick. Caterpillar or Cummins engine horsepower options are available ranging from 525 to 665 horsepower. The 3090 will process approximately 80 tons of material per hour, and is capable of filling a 45-foot chip van in under 20 minutes. Unique features and options make the 3090 an attractive unit for loggers processing logging waste, such as tops and junk wood. The model 3090 can be equipped with two different discharge set-ups. The hydraulic swivel discharge can be used for broadcasting chips over a site or for spotting multiple chip vans. The stationary discharge set-up provides maximum chip velocity, fully compacting full length chip vans, reducing transportation costs and increasing production. The powerful feed system equipped on the 3090 effortlessly pulls and compresses large diameter material and forked tops. The feed system consists of two top feed wheels and two side feed wheels mounted in Bandit’s popular slide box feed system. The feed wheels move up and down with the flow and diameter of material entering the feed system. There are no areas where material can hang up or wedge the feed. A drag chain-style infeed conveyor also comes standard, simplifying the loading of shorter logs or piles of brush. The 3090 is also available as a cab and loader unit. There is plenty of room to operate all loader functions in the cab of the 3090. The cab includes a heater, deluxe swivel seat with armrests, joystick controls, defroster fan, safety horn, and Lexan front windows. The loader will reach out to 16 feet and has a lifting capacity of 2,500 pounds fully extended. The 3090 can also be ordered as a self-propelled track unit, allowing you to take the chipper to the trees. Forwarding or skidding material to the chipper is eliminated with this option. This unit is a great choice for right-a-way clearing and land clearing applications. It can be ordered with or without cab and loader. The unit without cab and loader is controlled via a wireless radio remote with tether back-up. The unit with cab and loader features a deluxe cab with heavy-duty loader.

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